Achieve optimal website health for users and search.

Website Health

Achieve optimal website health for users and search.
Engaged Users
Delighted Search Engines

A healthy website serves as the foundation for flourishing online businesses. It not only enhances the on-page customer experience but also plays a crucial role as a core ranking factor for search engines when evaluating the worth of web content. Regrettably, in the haste to publish content and amass inbound links, this crucial aspect is often neglected.

At Hatchet, our primary focus is to attain and preserve optimal website health. Our comprehensive approach encompasses adherence to modern best practices, alignment with Core Web Vitals, and the utilization of top-tier technology solutions. We diligently audit and monitor client websites for any deviations from ideal website health, ensuring that issues are swiftly resolved before they affect customer engagement or search engine ranking positions.

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PageSpeed Insights

How Do We Maintain Website Health

Maintaining website health includes a cluster of services that aim to enhance user experience and improve the organic search visibility of your website.

Uptime Monitoring

A website that fails to load indicates to potential customers and search engines that something is amiss. Would you trust a bank with your money if it fails to open its doors during normal banking hours? Of course not. Your website is no different. Constant availability indicates to customers that your business is stable and trustworthy. It indicates to search engines that you take seriously your responsibility as a net citizens.

Page Load Speed Auditing

No one likes to wait. This is particularly true on the internet, where the public expects snappy load times and instant gratification. Study after study shows that increases in load time exponentially increase bounce rates and lower conversions per visit.

Core Web Vitals Auditing

Metrics like Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift inform website owners and search engines about the quality of a website’s user experience offering. Failure to measure in the top 25th percentile for these metrics indicates that a website’s health is poor.

Modern Image Formats

Modern browsers are capable of loading new image formats that most website owners have never heard of but that offer enormous potential improvements in load time and increased image quality.

On-page Content Auditing

Website content tends to degrade over time. Links that once resolved may now lead to 404 pages. Images that once displayed may now fail to load. Small details like these indicate to users and search engines how current and useful your content is.


Behind every website is a technology stack powering the delivery of images, files, and data. Best in class technology make websites faster, and more resilient and communicates to users and search engines that a site is worthy of trust. We use rely on a list of trusted service vendors like: Cloudflare, AWS, Vercel, Google Workspaces, and others to meet our clint’s technology needs.